January 1

Chapter 3- Assessment

In order to measure a child’s Interoceptive Awareness, it is necessary to use an assessment tool. The problem is, there isn’t an effective tool for children, yet. The tool that is currently available, the Mulitdisciplinary Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness, is geard towards adults. Kelly Mahler has spent some time developing an assessment tool, which she updates frequently as she learns more and more from her clients. This tool is a question and answer format that is designed to be done as an interview. She has also designed a questionnaire that targets self-regulation skills. Finally a third questionnaire for the caregiver of the individual helps round out the information on the children with whom you may be supporting. Since it is important to understand a child’s challenges before supporting them fully, working through these questionnaires will give you a good starting point.


Obviously, assessment is very important, and there is an example of the assessment in the appendix of the book, but I can honestly say that I am a little upset that you have to purchase a whole other book in order to be able to assess interoceptive awareness of the children I work with. Thankfully, it is only $27.95 + shipping, but I was hopeful that this book would give me a wasy to assess and utilize the necessary strategies without having to purchase another book.



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