August 7

Another Huge Welcome!

Welcome to our second and third book studies with TIE-BC!


This time I have chosen 2 different books, The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley, and Fostering Resilient Learners- Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom by Kristin Souers. These two book studies will be running concurrently, with The Growth Mindset Coach beginning on August 15th and Fostering Resilient Learners beginning in early September.

We will move through The Growth Mindset Coach at a slower pace of one chapter per month, since this is the st-up of the book. In my personal opinion, it is best to read the chapter at the beginning of each month rather than in the middle or end of the month, so that you can put the activities and lessons into practice. It would probably be best to post closer to the end of the month.

We will move through Fostering Resilient Learners quite a bit faster. It is set up into 5 parts and we will go through each part every month, so we will be finished this book in time for Crosscurrents.


I am looking forward to learning with all of you over the course of the 2017-2018 school year!



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